At GD, we maintain the latest cutting edge software on high performance PCs, capable of crunching large geophysical datasets. Some of the software we routinely use for geophysical processing, imaging and modeling includes:

  • Geosoft Oasis geophysical processing software
  • Geosoft Target drilling and well evaluation
  • Geosoft Voxi 3D inversion including magnetic vector inversion
  • ER Mapper/Imagine
  • Maxwell EM processing and modelling software
  • EMaxAir depth slices
  • ModelVision potential field modelling
  • Potent potential field modelling
  • WellCAD
  • UBC 3D inversion codes (MAG3D, GRAV3D)
  • Loki (IP/Resistivity 2D and 3D inversion codes)
  • ArcGIS
  • MapInfo