John Donohue


John Donohue

Principal Geophysicist



  • Geophysicist with 20+ years experience in mineral exploration.
  • Operational exploration experience throughout Australia and internationally for a range of commodities, including massive sediment-hosted base metal, Iron-Oxide Copper-Gold, Porphyry Copper-Gold, Epithermal Gold, Nickel and Skarn mineralization and bulk Magnetite Iron.


  • Broad based geophysical experience in acquisition, processing and interpretation of airborne, surface, and borehole geophysical data for mineral exploration.
  • Project management, including survey planning, contractor selection and supervision, data processing and quality control, interpretation, drill targeting and reporting.
  • Acquisition and interpretation of  IP and MT data from distributed acquisition systems
  • GIS-based integration of geophysical and geological information for target delineation
  • 2D and 3D visualisation, GIS, data and image processing involving both greenfields and advanced projects
  • Compliance reporting.

Recent Projects

  • 2D & 3D modeling & interpretation of gravity and aeromagnetic data from the IOCG province in the Gawlor Craton, Sth Australia.
  • Modeling and interpretation of detailed helimag data for coal exploration in the Bowen Basin.
  • QA/QC and modelling of 3D resistivity-IP data, Arizona USA and Chile, Sth America


  • BSc (Hons 1st Class) – Geophysics, University of Queensland (1994)
  • BApp. Sc – Geology, University of Southern Queensland (1989)
  • Member ASEG, SEG (Geophysics), APGO (Canada)